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Your website has tremendous potential. You know that and it can be incredibly frustrating not having that potential realized. And that is what separates Entelech from other digital agencies. We believe in that potential as much as you. You just need to partner with the right team who can provide the ideas, plan and expertise to achieve that potential. Leave the frustrations of the past behind and partner with a digital agency that combines genuine client relationship values with the required digital marketing skill set to get the job done.

You see we do more than on-board a client, we partner with them. Entelech provides a premium suite of digital marketing services for businesses needing sustainable, long-term performance from their web presence. You know better than anyone what your product or services potential is – we are here to help you achieve it through effective marketing. If you like the sound of achieving exponential growth through improved lead generation then click below to book in your complimentary consultation with one of our strategists who can map out a clear, concise plan of action for you.

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We Build Sales Generating Funnels


If you are reading this you have probably previously used a digital marketing agency that seemed to only plan a month in advance, change the goal posts often and base success on ‘vanity’ metrics such as traffic stats, keyword rankings and click through rates. Ultimately you were probably left frustrated and out of pocket.

You will not experience that with Entelech. We never enter a client relationship without prior thorough analysis and an in-depth plan of attack. We build sales generating funnels, not run marketing ‘campaigns’. And we focus on the metrics that matter- Leads, Sales and ROI.

If you want to grow your market share you need to build a funnel that largely automates the nurturing of a web site visitor from their first visit all the way to their first purchase. We will ensure you target the right visitors with strategic content through the most suitable channels. Every step of your funnel will be honed to a sweet science and deliver you a substantial increase to your qualified leads and sales. 


Traffic Generation

We implement strategy and methods that will significantly enhance your paid and organic web traffic.

Traffic Conversion

Using proven optimisation techniques, we drive your conversion rates skywards to turn as much traffic into leads as possible.

Lead Nurturing

We setup marketing automation to enable your website to be a 24/7 salesmen turning warm leads into ready to buy customers.

Retarget Traffic

For the web traffic that doesn’t initially convert we will ensure your advertisements follow them as they go about their daily web browsing.

The Entelech methodology that really separates us from our competition and guarantees your success

When a business invests in marketing with an agency it seems logical and fair that the entirety of the budget be allocated towards completing tasks and running advertisements for that business right? It is their money, their budget and their marketing after all? This is what they are paying for – marketing which is essentially an agency completing a bunch of tasks on their behalf. But this is where other agencies continually fail you. They fall into the trap of just completing monotonous and often ineffectual monthly tasks for the sake of using up a clients budget and putting it into a flashy report under the notion that is good marketing, regardless of results.

What truly separates us here at Entelech from our competition is that if you partner with us we do not work exclusively for you. We do not allocate the entirety of your budget towards completing ‘tasks’ for you. In fact, we do not see your money as a mere ‘budget’ but rather the true investment it is. And we bring a third party into the fold and take some of your investment and invest it into them. And that third party is your potential customers. Your target market. Your ideal buyer persona. 

You see if we can truly understand your would-be customers i.e what makes them tick, what are their pain points, what decides their purchasing decisions, how they differentiate and define value etc then we can match your marketing to their needs, goals and impulses. In essence, we are working for your potential customers as much as for you. Thus a large part of what we do for you is building a synergy between your marketing message and the message your target market needs to hear. 

Whilst Entelech complete and automate tasks central to the success of a campaign just as much as any other agency, it is our method of keeping your customers at the core of what we are building combined with a focus to continually hone your message to them that allows us to provide our clients with continual results, growth and most importantly ROI. So partner with an agency that doesn’t use your money as a mere ‘budget’ but as the investment into driving real, long-term results and value it is. Get started with us today by claiming your free buyer persona audit below.

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Why Choose Entelech

Dear Business Owner / Manager,

Well, you might start with our name Entelech which encapsulates our core beliefs and values as an organisation. You see Entelech (Entelechy) is defined as ‘The complete realisation and final form of some potential concept or function; the conditions under which a potential thing becomes actualized’. And that is what drives us here at Entelech as individuals and as a company – helping our clients to take what may only be a potential marketing goal, vision or concept and making it a reality. In simple terms – helping our clients achieve their online potential. 

Every website on the internet has the potential to be a market leading lead generator or respectable source in their specific niche or industry but only the select few who market themselves correctly will ever fulfill that potential. What makes us the right choice as a digital agency is that we internalize your goals and needs as our laser focus and really see ourselves as an important extension of your business with an obligation to get results and help you grow.

So if your website is languishing behind your competitors or where you need it to be it is my sincere promise to you that if you so choose to partner with my team and I we will endeavor with our utmost energy, effort and skill set to help your business fulfill its online potential and become a market leading, lead generation machine for you.

Take action today

What would doubling your monthly sales ongoing do for your business?

Build lifetime assets

The work we do is not temporary. We are building marketing assets, researching exact best practices, sourcing resources and compiling VIP data that will continue to serve your business forever in any marketing campaign it undertakes. 

Get your Inbox Busy

Watch as our methods drive more buying intent actions to your inbox in the form of inquiries, quote requests, email subscriptions or appointment settings which provides you the peace of mind steady, recurring leads provide.

Experience 'why didn't i think of that?' moments

Watch as our team strategize and implement content, branding and methods into your campaign that open your eyes to your businesses true online potential and tap into previously unknown lead sources and conversion tactics.

Obtain faith and trust in your marketing team

Feel rewarded for partnering with a marketing company that you can turn to for any help or advice with the utmost confidence in our abilities to get the job done effectively and in a timely manner.

5 Aspects You Need to Build Unstoppable Marketing

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