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Dear Business Owner / Manager,


You are a market leader when it comes to quality of service, value of product or level of expertise in your industry but does the amount of leads and sales you generate reflect that?

Here at Entelech we build marketing and relationship funnels structured for your exact product or service, not just run marketing ‘campaigns’. And we focus on the metrics that matter most to you – Leads, Sales and ROI. We enable you to avoid the trap of ‘tunnel visioning’ your marketing into generic, uninspiring marketing strategies that offer up ‘vanity metrics’ as a measure of success. We set out from day one to provide you a true ‘Eureka’ moment from the moment you first see your custom built funnel strategy that will unlock your true marketing potential and automate the quantity and quality of leads you are able to generate.

Think about this! Only about 5% of your target audience are in an actual ready to buy now mentality and if your marketing is purely focused on them then you are severely limiting your potential lead pool and competing for the same would be customers as all your competitors. The other 95%? The are in one of either three stages…

  • Know there is a need for your product / service but are not acting on that need
  • Are in ‘research mode’ and are 30-180 days away from being ready to buy
  • Not even aware of or don’t think they have a need for your product / service

Thus if you want to increase your market share and reach your true growth potential you need to initiate marketing and relationship building strategies that utilise and leverage your competitive advantages, expertise and level of service to not only give you the best chance in that uber competitive ‘buy now’ 5%, but that allow you to tap into that other 95% by attracting them, converting them and nurturing them to your end goal whether thats a purchase, a quotation, an appointment etc.

We will ensure you target your market and web visitors with content that will resonate with them through the most suitable online channels. Every step of your funnel will be honed to a sweet science and deliver you a substantial increase to your qualified leads and sales.

No matter your industry and whether you are a small business, mid sized company or a large enterprise, we can transform the way you do digital marketing and turn a sparsity of leads and sales into a plethora of them and we can start by planning out a FREE custom funnel strategy for you. So if you are ready for that ‘Eureka’ moment, click below to claim yours. 


1. Attract

When it comes to traffic, quality is better than quantity. The first step to successful digital marketing is ensuring you are utilising the online channels most suitable for showcasing your products and services to your ideal buyer persona or target demographic.

Our expert team has years of experience across literally hundreds of industries and will create the ad audiences, keyword groups, and outreach targets you need to drive quality traffic into your site. Whether it’s SEO, Adwords, Social Ads, or Email Marketing, we’ll generate quality traffic.

The 3 Key Steps To Unlocking Your Marketing Potential


3. Nurture

Not all of your web visitors or leads will convert within their first couple of touchpoints with your business. In fact, the average consumer needs 6-8 touchpoints before being ready to buy. Our team will structure the automate follow up, series of touchpoints by using retargeting ads and email drip-feeds to deliver content and media such as case studies, articles, and videos that will serve to further educate prospects on your value and expertise and position your product or service as the right choice.


2. Conversion

Converting traffic to leads is a science you need to master if you want to generate more enquiries, lose fewer leads to competitors and get more ROI out of your marketing. We build you assets such as landing pages and lead magnets that will quickly engage your web visitors and entice them to make a conversion action.

Your landing pages will provide your visitors with a wealth of information about the value of your service or product as well providing them something of great value in the form of a lead magnet or tripwire such as a free eBook, report, analysis, trial offer, checklist, calculator etc.


Trusted Experience

Free Funnel Wireframe

Have our team map out a wireframe researched and customised to your business that will give you a visual simulation of how you should be structuring your marketing to attract, convert and nurture your would-be customers.

Free Funnel Wireframe

Have our team map out a wireframe researched and customised to your business that will give you a visual simulation of how you should be structuring your marketing to attract, convert and nurture your would-be customers.

Why Choose Entelech ?

Because Other Agencies Will Continually Fail You

When you invest in marketing with an agency it seems logical that the entirety of the budget is allocated towards completing tasks and running advertisements for your business right? This is after all what you are paying for, “marketing” which is an agency using their ‘expertise’ to complete ‘tasks’ on your behalf. But this is where other agencies continually fail you.                                                                                               

They fall into the trap of just completing monotonous and often ineffectual monthly tasks for the sake of using up your budget and putting it into a flashy report under the notion that is good marketing, regardless of results.

You are just number on a board, one of many other clients they are giving the same templated marketing campaigns to where ‘vanity metrics’ such as traffic numbers and click-through rates are used to justify ongoing investment.

The Entelech Difference

The Entelech difference begins with your first contact with us. We commit an average of 6 hours of research into our potential clients before we even formally propose a marketing solution. This ensures we have a strong understanding of our intended path with you which we present in the form of a detailed marketing funnel wireframe. 

Every one of our clients have marketing strategised around their product or service and structured to their exact needs. No two Entelech clients have the exact same marketing strategy. And it is our method of keeping your customers at the core of what we are building combined with a focus to continually hone your marketing to them that allows us to provide you with fantastic results, growth, and most importantly, an ROI.

If you want to explore partnering with us, simply click below and we will prepare a no-obligation marketing strategy and funnel wireframe for your consideration.

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