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We Help Businesses
Plan & Build
Relationship and Sales Funnels
That Convert More 
Visitors To Leads 
 and Nurture Them To Close

What We Do At Entelech
We aren't just another run of the mill digital agency or marketing 'guru' who run the same templated campaigns for clients that focus too heavily on only traffic generation. 

We understand that in today's online world the vast majority of consumers are attuned to choosing a service or product based on key factors such as emotion, trust, transparency, proof and value. 

To provide these factors as a service or product provider you need to establish a relationship with your web visitors and using a linear content and marketing funnel is easily the best and most efficient way to nurture visitors and provide them with what they need to choose your business.
We Build marketing funnels that will work and achieve more leads and sales for ANY type of business, Service or Product
Service Based Businesses
  • ¬†Lawyers
  • ¬†Dentists
  • ¬†Chiropractors
  • ¬†Brokers
  • ¬†Real Estate
  • ¬†Accountants
  • ¬†Architects
  • ¬†Engineers
  • ¬†IT Services
  • ¬†Security Services
  • ¬†Event Services
And any other service...
*Funnel Wire-frame is for example purposes only
Law Firm
  • ¬†Web Traffic Doubled
  • Leveraged new lead channels
  • ¬†Appointments per month 11 > 44
  • 300%¬†
Increase In Appointments
Mortgage Broker
  • ¬†32 Keywords moved into the top 10 of Google
  • Monthly Leads Tripled
  • ¬†$200000+ In Additional revenue Generated
  • 362%¬†
Return On Investment
Dental Clinic
  • ¬†Position 1 for both Google Maps and Search
  • Upsell Opt In Rate improved 34%
  • ¬†88 new appointments
  • 94%¬†
Increase In Appointments
Wedding Photographer
  • ¬†Increased Social Reach 550%
  • Cost Per Lead Halved
  • ¬†Generating an Additional 8 Bookings Per Month
  • 550%¬†
Increase In Following
Trades and Local Businesses
  • ¬†Plumbers
  • ¬†Builders
  • ¬†Electricians
  • ¬†Landscapers
  • ¬†Cleaning
  • ¬†Locksmiths
  • ¬†Painters
  • Glazier
  • ¬†Automotive
  • ¬†Carpenter
  • ¬†Shades & Blinds
  • ¬†Guttering
  • ¬†Health¬†& Beauty
And any other trade...
*Funnel Wire-frame is for example purposes only
Roofing Company
  • ¬†Doubled Web Traffic
  • Over 35 New Enquiries Per Month
  • ¬†76k in Additional Monthly Revenue
  • 76k¬†
Increase In Monthly Revenue
Beauty Salon
  • ¬†Over 100 New clients in first 120 days
  • Over 44k in new revenue
  • ¬†A 257% Return On Investment
  • 257%¬†
Return On Investment
Pool Fencer
  • ¬†Positioned top 3 for most keywords
  • Cost Per Lead $88 to $20
  • ¬†Monthly Jobs Increased from 6 to 11
  • 83%¬†
Increase In Monthly Jobs
Tree Surgeon
  • ¬†Cost Per Lead Halved From Previous¬†Company
  • 10k additional¬†weekly revenue from online
  • ¬†512% Return on Investment
  • 512%¬†
Return On Investment
Physical Products
  • General Retail
  • ¬†Supplements
  • ¬†Fashion
  • ¬†Electronics
  • ¬†Educational
  • ¬†Wellness
  • ¬†Cosmetics
  • Hobbies
  • ¬†Home¬†Decor
  • ¬†Sports & Fitness
  • ¬†Tools
And any other physical products...
*Funnel Wire-frame is for example purposes only
Supplement Shop
  • ¬†Abandoned Cart Sales up 80%
  • Email List Growth of 14k¬†
  • ¬†Average Order Value Increased 24%
  • $25k¬†
Growth In Monthly Sales
Fitness Supplier
  • ¬†Organic Google Reach Improved 480%
  • 15000+ in Social Follower Increase
  • ¬†40% Increase In Online Sales
  • 40%¬†
Increase In Online Sales
Beauty Subscription
  • ¬†Conversion Rate 0.85% > 2.3
  • ¬†Blog Subscribers Increased 280%
  • ¬†Increased Monthly Subscribers By 2300
  • 2300¬†
Increase In Subscribers
Swimwear Shop
  • Instagram Following Increased 16k Organically
  • Abandoned Cart Sales of 8k per month
  • Sales Increased 55%
  • 55%¬†
Increase In Sales
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Virtual Products & Services
  • Software
  • ¬†Coaches
  • ¬†Education
  • ¬†Consultants
  • ¬†Courses
  • ¬†Seminars
  • ¬†Diets
  • ¬†Fitness Training
  • ¬†Books
And any other virtual products...
*Funnel Wire-frame is for example purposes only
Payroll Software
  • ¬†Annual Subscription Rates Improved 26%
  • Churn Rate down 44%
  • ¬†Webinar Sold 62 New Subscriptions
  • 300+¬†
New Customers Within 6 Months
Fitness Course
  • ¬†App Installs of Over 10k
  • Over online 1800 courses sold
  • ¬†Over $150k in revenue generated
  • 150k+¬†
Revenue Generated
Self Help Guru
  • ¬†Blog Subscribers Increased 265%
  • Webinar¬†Opt Ins of 667
  • Funnel Generated 43 New Clients within 120 days
  • 667¬†
1st Webinar Opt Ins
Singing Lessons
  • Facebook Likes Increased 2000%
  • Over 500 trial lessons opt ins
  • ¬†Funnel Generated 90 new clients
  • 90¬†
New Clients with First Campaign
Entertainment & Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • ¬†Bars
  • ¬†Accommodation
  • ¬†Travel
  • ¬†Tourist Attractions
  • ¬†Music Events
  • ¬†Sporting Events
  • ¬†Aged Care
  • ¬†Venue Hire
  • ¬†Boat Charters
And any other entertainment or hospitality services...
*Funnel Wire-frame is for example purposes only
  • ¬†Weekly Reservation Increase 22%
  • ¬†Web Traffic Tripled Within 3 months
  • ¬†Ranked 1 Google Maps
  • 22%¬†
Increase In Reservations
5 Star Resort
  • Occupancy¬†Rate up 16% In Down Season
  • IG Organically Achieving 20-50 Bookings Per Month
  • ¬†IG Following up 16000
  • 470%¬†
Increase In IG following
Venue Hire
  • ¬†30% Increase In Corporate¬†Functions
  • Ranked Top 3 For Keywords
  • ¬†Monthly Revenue Increased 41k
  • 41k¬†
Increase In Monthly Revenue
Fishing Charter
  • ¬†Bookings Up 800%
  • New Site Conversion Rate 1.5 > 6%
  • ¬†Keywords Moved From 100+ to Top 3
  • 800%¬†
Increase In Bookings
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A Full List Of Our Services
Traffic Generation
Entelech provide a variety of traffic generation services and are experts at ensuring your business targets those most suitable for your particular product and/or service. We maintain a  strong focus on continually honing your traffic acquisition to increase ROI.
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • ¬†Local Search & Maps
  • ¬†Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • ¬†YouTube¬†Ads
  • ¬†Instagram Ads
  • ¬†Display Ads
  • ¬†Linked-In Ads
  • ¬†Cold Email Marketing
Conversion Optimisation
Traffic means very little if you cannot convert it and thus Entelech implements various conversion rate tactics and tools designed to turn as much of your traffic as possible into captured leads.
  • Landing Pages
  • ¬†Page-speed
  • Lead Magnets
  • ¬†Sales Copy
  • Unique Value Propositions
  • ¬†Call To Actions
  • ¬†Opt In Forms
  • ¬†Welcome / Exit Mats
Lead Nurturing
Once you have acquired a lead, more often than not you will be required to nurture it to close. Entelech can automate most of this process for you and ensure your leads don't fall away or be lost to competitors.
  • Email Marketing
  • ¬†Webinars
  • Case Studies
  • ¬†Reviews / Testimonials
  • ¬†Re-targeting¬†Campaigns
  • ¬†Trials and Tripwires
  • ¬†Social Media Management
Media and Content
For any content or media needs we can produce what you need to resonate and make an impact with your target audience.
  • Social Media Outreach
  • ¬†Blog Management
  • Graphic Design
  • ¬†Video Marketing
  • ¬†Content Outreach
  • ¬†eBooks
  • ¬†Articles
Analytics and Data
Understanding the performance of your marketing KPI's and the results and growth being achieved is a vital component of your marketing investment and improving performance
  • Google Analytics
  • ¬†Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Pixel
  • ¬†Call Tracking
  • ¬†Ad Performance
  • ¬†Ranking Reporting
  • ¬†Dashboards
  • ¬†CRM Setup
Web and Tech
Entelech can ensure your website is not only of a great design, but is packed full of features and performance that establishes it as a benchmark vs your competitors. We also take the headache out managing your various web properties.
  • Web Design
  • ¬†Web Programming
  • Website¬†Maintenance
  • Site Performance¬†
  • ¬†SSL & Site Security
  • ¬†eCommerce
  • ¬†Web & Email Hosting
  • ¬†Plugins¬†
Free marketing eBook 
Get your copy of our eBook that will enable you, within a 1 hour read, have a much vaster understanding and overall appreciation for the next level marketing techniques you need to start implementing for your business if you want a lion share of your market within the next year.
"I've been blown away with Entelech's approach as a marketing partner. They went into depth into understanding my business and understanding the targets I've set and the goals I needed to reach them.
Before we engaged Entelech Flynn went into a lot of detail into getting me to understand exactly why I wasn't generating leads, exactly what needed to happen to start acquiring business online and together we mapped out an online funnel that has since made a profound impact to my online presence and my business.

Thank you so much to Entelech, Flynn, Jamie and the rest of the team!"
Paul Vickers
Entelech are one of Asia Pacific's leading digital marketing agencies with offices in Sydney and Bangkok. We have over 40 staff servicing the campaigns of 200+ global clients.
  • ¬†Suite 3 Level 27, Governor Macquarie Tower¬†¬†
  • ¬†1 Farrer Place, Sydney NSW 2000
  • 1300 254 238
  • hello@entelech.com.au
  • ¬†ABN 79 624 303 117 ACN 624 303 117
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